Shell Helix Ultra Synthetic 5W-40 – 5L

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Shell Helix Ultra Synthetic 5W-40 – 5L is a fully synthetic motor oil – Shell’s most advanced formulation for high-performance engines. Today’s vehicles need a motor oil that keeps pace with their changing demands and does more to improve performance and engine life. This is why Shell came up with an entirely new way to produce synthetic base oils, made from natural gas with our patented Shell PurePlus Technology. Shell Helix Ultra is a range of top-tier motor oil that is formulated using the unique Shell PurePlus Technology, yielding a motor oil that actively helps keep engines clean. Active Cleansing Technology has always been at the heart of Shell Helix. Starting with the unique Shell PurePlus Technology allows the product to provide even higher levels of
cleansing and protection.

Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 provides:

  • Unsurpassed sludge protection – no other motor oil can keep your engine closer to factory clean
  • Exceptional protection and cleansing, even at the longest manufacturer-recommended oil-drain intervals
  • Approved for use by numerous makers of high-performance vehicles and is the only motor oil used by Ferrari

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Shell 5w40 Ultra 5L

Specifications: API SN/CF; ACEA
A3/B3, A3/B4; BMW LL-01; MB approval 229.5, 226.5; VW 502.00/505.00;
Porsche A40; Renault RN0700, RN0710; PSA B71 2296, Ferrari. Meets the
requirements of Fiat 9.55535-Z2 and Chrysler MS-10725

Product Benefits

  • Best performance in the most difficult driving conditions and engine loads
  • Superior wear and corrosion protection beyond the latest industry standards
  • Up to 50% less evaporation loss, for reduced oil top-ups
  • Exceptional performance in the extremes of cold and hot climates
  • Superior resistance to oil degradation, even at the longest manufacturer-recommended oil drain intervals
  • Recommended by top manufacturers

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